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Clean fleet clean paperwork
PLay button Enjoy a clean fleet without the need for petty cash

Enjoy a clean fleet without the need for petty cash

Clean up your paperwork by managing vehicle washing for your entire fleet with a GoWash fleet account. Each time they need a wash, your drivers simply open the GoWash app and charge the cost to their fleet account. You can track and control every aspect of their expenditure and set spending limits from your GoWash portal. We'll invoice you weekly and take payment via direct debit, you simply pay 5% on any payment made through the app.

Pay at locations throughout the UK

Go cashless at hundreds of car washes across the UK

When you have a GoWash fleet account your drivers are never far away from a clean ride. They can use our filtered search to quickly find one of hundreds of car wash sites across the UK and pay via their fleet account.

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